Grandma tools of the trade

The other day I bought a few new tops (gotta love JCPenney sales!). When I got home and removed the tags, I took the little packets of extra buttons that came with and added them to my button tin.

That's when it hit me: I really am a grandma. Grandmas have button tins, button jars. Here I am with a button collection all of my very own. Hence, I'm a grandma!

It got me thinking about other grandma tools of the trade, the accoutrements that show a woman has reached grandma status.

As a relative newcomer to the grandparenting game, I've not yet gathered enough of the required goodies to be considered in the Pro-Nana class, but here's what I've got so far, the things that put me firmly on the playing field, striving to move from the Amateur level to Pro:

  • Rocking chair -- I have three, actually, plus two gliders and a rocking recliner
  • The aforementioned tin o' buttons
  • Afghans -- I have too many to count (thanks, Mom!)
  • Jelly jars -- a box leftover from my pomegranate jelly adventure
  • Super-size stock pot -- ideal for making jelly AND crowd-size pots of chili
  • Stock words of wisdom -- My favorites: "The key to patience is finding something to do in the meantime" and "To have a friend you gotta be a friend"
  • Grandfather clock
  • Bobby pins ... lots of them (forget that I never even use them)
  • A cabinet filled with craft options -- colorful paper, paints, crayons, markers, kid-size scissors, various glues, stickers, embroidery thread, fake flowers and floral tape, paper-making supplies, fabric remnants, and lots of pages of ideas torn from magazines yet never executed
  • Enough spare sheets to cover each bed three times over.
  • Enough dish towels to dry each dish with its very own towel.
  • Bi-focals -- I have two pair ... progressive lens, as I claim to be a hip grandma
  • Flannel jammies -- although since recently buying them after years without, I think the flannel jammies should wait until well past the hot-flash, perimenopausal phase. Flannel jammies are definitely for grandmas in the Pro-Nana class
  • A recipe box filled with yellowed clippings from magazines plus handwritten cards from 30+ years ago when my handwriting was a bit easier to read

Yep, I'm an amateur. And I'm not even sure what additional tools of the trade I should be collecting to progress to the next level. I've always been a bit of an overachiever, so having no set list to which I should aspire can be a bit daunting at times. Any suggestions?

Today's question:

What are some tools or traits you associate with grandmas, something every grandma should have, do or be? Something you, your mom or your grandma possessed?

My answer: My grandma and my mom both have wigs they wear occasionally ... I'm definitely not there yet.