The next Grilled Grandma

I gotta say, I have three daughters, one grandchild and one blog and it keeps me pretty darn busy. This week's Grilled Grandma, Karen, has EIGHT children, TEN grandchildren and TWO blogs! And she makes it work. "My work is never 'done,' she says in her grilling. "I am rarely the doting grandma who makes cookies. We make healthy smoothies instead."

Making it work is only part of the story, for Karen is truly the most courageous Grilled Grandma I've had yet. Karen has a touching backstory about raising several of her grandchildren, which was the impetus for starting a website to help support and encourage other grandparents in similar situations.

Be sure to visit Karen's website and accompanying blog to read her story, as it's not one shared in the grilling. You can find the links to both her website and her blog at the bottom of her grilling, which you can find right HERE.

Today's (unrelated) question:

What was the most unusual thing in your cart the last time you grocery shopped?

My answer: A frozen veggie pizza. I never buy frozen veggie pizzas for Jim and myself, but Andie was watching the house and animals while we were in South Dakota, and that was one of her requested food items for her stay.