Green-eyed Grandma

Contrary to the title of today's post, I have blue eyes. But today my eyes are tinged with green.

Well, they're more than tinged; I'd say they're pretty much glow-in-the-dark, iridescent, color-of-a-leprechaun's-hat green.

More specifically, my eyes are green with envy.

Why the drama? Because Bubby's paternal grandma and grandpa get to see him. Again. In less than a week. And they just saw him less than a month ago. And they get to spend seven days in the desert with Bubby and his mom and dad. And they will be back for more with Bubby in July.

And I want that to be me!

Wah, wah, wah! Yeah, grandmas can still be big ol' cry-baby green-eyed monsters. And today that's most certainly what I am.

I'm not so much worried that Bubby will love his other grandma more than he loves me; it's more that I worry he'll remember her more because he's had these huge chunks of time with her and all he's gotten with me lately are bits of Skyping here and there.

Bubby's "other" grandparents are long-distance grandparents, too, but they're educators, which means they have summers free to spend a week with their grandchild whenever they please. Jim and I, on the other hand, will get just three days in June ... and getting those three days was a bit of a challenge because Jim has a new job and no vacation days.

Yes, I should be happy with even those three days. Yes, I should rejoice that I get to see Bubby at all. Yes, I should be pleased as punch that I can Skype and that Megan and I talk on the phone every single day and I get to hear Bubby chattering in the background or I listen closely and respond accordingly as he shares a few select words with me when Mom hands him the phone.

I am thankful for all those things.

But today I just want to complain.

And see the world through green-colored glasses.

Now if you'll please excuse me, I need to go use the Visine. The red in my eyes from crying mixed with the green of jealousy makes for a very unattractive look.

Today's question:

Who are you jealous or envious of today?