Spring splash

Jim and I went to our first barbecue of the season on Sunday. We were thankful the weather reached a balmy 58 degrees, allowing us some pre-summer fun in the sun. Being the mountains, though, it was still chilly enough that the host lit up the firepit on the deck.

Things were far different in the desert where Bubby lives, where the weather climbed above the 90-degree mark. Huddling around a warm fire was the last place you'd find Bubby in such heat. Instead, he headed to his favorite watering hole:



Even in the desert, it gets a little chilly when the water fun is done.

Today's question:

When did you last visit a water park?

My answer: The last time I donned a swimming suit for water park fun was when we went to Disneyworld eight (or was it nine?) years ago.