The next Grilled Grandma

This week I'm grilling up Sue for the Grilled Grandma feature and I gotta say, this grandma put my "Awwww!" response into high gear. She does so many special things with and for her grandkids that I couldn't help but think, upon reading each reply to my questions, "Awww ... that's so sweet!"

One in particular got to me, actually even made me a bit verklempt. Could be my wacky hormones wreaking havoc (again) or could be just that the sheer sweetness of it that brought tears to my eyes. You decide:

In response to my question "What is one word you hope your grandkids think of when they think of you?," Sue said this:

Love – I’ve given each of them a special name that they’ve heard me call them since they were infants, and each name has the word love in it – I have a “Honey Love”, a “Love Bear”, an “Angel Love”, a “Snuggle Love”, a “Huggy Love” and a “Happy Love”.  I have a special bear for each child and have made a heart button with the individual names that I sewed onto each child’s special bear.  The bears always greet the grandkids on their beds with a welcome note in the bear’s hands when the kids come to visit.


Read more of Sue's awwww-inspiring grilling HERE.

Today's question:

What's the most unusual nickname you've ever given someone ... or that someone has given you?

My answer: When my first nephew, Nicholas, was born, I loved to call him Nicker Bocker Booger Buns. When Megan was born, the same rhythm seemed to work for her, too, and I dubbed her Meggie Beggie Booger Buns.