If you're scratching your head a bit about today's post title, scratch no more. The reason for the acronym-laden title is because I've been chosen as today's BON on WOW. Translation: I'm today's Blogger of Note, chosen by the lovely Sandy and Pam of Words of Wisdom. I'm pleased to be featured and welcome all you new visitors whom they've directed my way.

Sandy and Pam recommended I offer new folks a few posts as way of introduction, so if you'd like to get a feel for who I am, you may want to read this ... and this ... and this. Those are just a couple examples of what I'm all about. You can learn more by perusing the tabs at the top of this page, such as About (pretty self-explanatory), Grilled Grandmas (where I feature a Q&A with a grandma each week) and the Back Room (where I review stuff and give away even better stuff ... such as the current giveaway of a $100 Visa card!).

Funny thing is, trying to wrap up who I am and what Grandma's Briefs is all about underscores something that's been bopping around in my head for a couple weeks now, something begging to become a post. It's the idea that while Grandma's Briefs is primarily about my experience as a first-time, long-distance grandma to my Bubby -- who lives 819 miles away in the desert while I live in the mountains -- it's not the only thing this site is about.

Just like everyone else, grandmas wear lots of hats ... all at one time. And Grandma's Briefs includes snippets, no briefs, about all of those hats/personas/characteristics/interests. So if you're looking forward to reading posts about me rocking away in my rocker while knitting one and purling two, you'll likely be sorely disappointed. Because yes, I'm a grandma and write about being a grandma, but I'm also a mom to three adult daughters and I write often about that. I'm a wife and I write often about my husband. I have two cats and two dogs and I bitchwrite regularly about them. I'm a writer and I write often about that. I'm a movie lover, a book lover, a music lover and write often about those things. I'm a screwed-up individual (yes, even at my ripe old age) trying to make my mark in the world, just like everyone else, so I scribble often about that.

The point is, you won't read about my grandson or my grandparenting experiences every single day, in every single post. But everything I do and say and write and think and feel is enhanced by my role as a grandma. Just don't ever assume that's all I am, all you'll read about here on Grandma's Briefs.

And if that's okay with you, if you're not looking for words of wisdom from a granny in a rocker, knitting needles in hand and bifocals perched at the end of her nose (although I admit I wear bifocals ... and often perch them on the end of my nose), then Grandma's Briefs just may become a regular stop on your blog-reading route.

I hope so. And I welcome you! Thank you for visiting. And thank you to all my regulars for reading this entire post.

And, especially, thank you to Sandy and Pam for featuring me as today's little bon-bonBlogger of Note!

Today's question: (FYI to first-timers -- I have a question of the day nearly every day as a way for us all to get to know each other a little better.)

Of all the hats you wear, which one has been most prominent of late?

My answer: The last few weeks it's been pretty much the WRITER hat as I work furiously toward publication ... I hope.