Nap time

Related Posts with ThumbnailsIt's been a crazy busy week. I'd give anything to be able to rest my head next to Bubby's and just take a nap.


Of course, I'd opt for Megan not taking flash photos of me while I nap. Looks like Bubby didn't get that option. But that's okay, without the flash I wouldn't have this sweet picture.

Best wishes for a rest-filled Friday!

Oh ... and if anyone wanted to warn me about the dangers of putting pillows in the crib, don't worry -- Bubby didn't get a pillow until he was well past his first birthday. You don't think this paranoid grandma wouldn't have already thought about that, do you?

Today's question:

Do you sleep on your back, stomach, side or other?

My answer: I sleep mostly on my stomach -- with Isabel (the cat) curled up between my feet.