The next Grilled Grandma

Related Posts with ThumbnailsThis week's grilled grandma is a real grandma -- and she has the license plate to prove it. What makes her real? Just ask her grandchildren and they'll gladly tell you.

In addition to a certified license plate, real grandmas have a special song sung about them. Grandma Anita's special song goes like this:

Grandma loves me this I know
for she always tells me so
I am hers and she is mine
Grandma loves me all the time

Yes, Grandma loves me
Yes, Grandma loves me
Yes, Grandma loves me
She always tells me so

Read about all the things that make Grandma Anita a real grandma -- or at least a real loved grandma -- right here.

And if you've got a real grandma to grill, click here to send me her first name and e-mail address so I can add her to the schedule.

Today's question: 

If you were to have a personalized license plate, what would it say?

My answer: EYE1IT (I won it ... on a fancy schmancy vehicle I'll win from PCH -- or at least use the PCH funds to purchase.)