The next Grilled Grandma

Related Posts with ThumbnailsIt's funny how doing this Grilled Grandma feature introduces me (and you!) to grandmas with similar names. I can understand having multiple Ninas and Lisas and such, but having double Grandma Cats was something I never expected. Awhile back, I featured Grandma Kat; this week I feature Grandma Cat.

Like the former grandma with a similar name, this Grandma Cat is one of the lucky ones: She gets to see her grandchildren every single week. I envy that more than I can put into words.

So what does Grandma Cat (aka Jeannie) do with her little ones when they get together? "Just play. We play lots of things, blocks, dolls, chalk, picnics in the livingroom, walking the dog, reading. I love it all."

Read all about Jeannie and how she became known as  Grandma Cat HERE.

And if you know of a grandma you'd like to see grilled, be sure to let me know HERE.

Today's (totally unrelated) question:

Do you have a tattoo? If yes, what and where? If no, what and where would/have you considered?

My answer: I don't have a tattoo, but I've considered getting a thin ankle bracelet.