The Saturday Post

These are a few of my favorite things: Natalie Merchant's distinctive vocal talents and children's poetry/books. This post combines the two.

This past week, Natalie Merchant released a two-disc CD of songs fashioned from poetry, lullabies and children's books from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The video below is "The Sleepy Giant," which was a poem written by Charles Edward Carryl, a stockbroker on the New York Stock Exchange from 1874 to 1908. He'd work money during the day, write poetry for his son at night.

Here is his poem:

"The Sleepy Giant"

My age is three hundred and seventy-two,
And I think, with the deepest regret,
How I used to pick up and voraciously chew
The dear little boys whom I met.
I’ve eaten them raw, in their holiday suits;
I’ve eaten them curried with rice;
I’ve eaten them baked, in their jackets and boots,
And found them exceedingly nice.
But now that my jaws are too weak for such fare,
I think it exceedingly rude
To do such a thing, when I’m quite well aware
Little boys do not like being chewed.

And so I contentedly live upon eels,
And try to do nothing amiss,
And I pass all the time I can spare from my meals
In innocent slumber -- like this.

And here is Natalie Merchant's rendition, from "Leave Your Sleep":

Today's question:

What's one of your favorite children's books?

My answer: This isn't one from my childhood but one from adulthood, one I think every mom and grandma love even more than the kids to whom they read it: "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch.