How I compute: then and now

Related Posts with ThumbnailsMy computer has become a sinking ship and this week I started frantically trying to rescue what I could from it before it's totally sunk. The lifeboat in which I'm transferring my bits and bytes: a laptop, my first laptop ever.

I purchased my now-dying desktop in 2004. It's been a good six years, with lots and lots and LOTS of changes, not only in computing but in my life. Those changes are evident in the way I spend my time on the computer, then versus now.


Here's how I spent most of my computer time in 2004:

  • Reading parenting, entertainment and news articles.
  • Writing parenting articles ... for print publications.
  • Keeping tabs on my middle and youngest daughters who were 539 miles away at college, via MySpace, chatting and e-mail.
  • Regularly accessing the Occupational Outlook Handbook to help my youngest daughter figure out what degree/career to pursue.
  • Playing computer games: Mahjong, You Don't Know Jack, Wheel of Fortune.


Here's how I now spend most of my time on the computer:

  • Blogging about my grandson.
  • Researching ways to improve the blogging about my grandson.
  • Reading other blogs -- 52 subscriptions in my RSS Reader.
  • Looking for work, freelance or otherwise.
  • Wasting timePromoting my blog on Facebook and now Twitter.

Good thing my shiny new laptop has a pretty darn good graphics card because by the looks of this comparison, I've become blog-obsessed, boring and in need of a game or two.

Or maybe, just maybe, what I really need is to step away from the computer and appreciate the aspects of my life not measured in bits, bytes and Google page ranks.

Which I'll definitely do -- after I get my shiny new laptop all set up and ready for blogging.

Today's question:

How do you spend the majority of your time on the computer?