Never say never

Related Posts with ThumbnailsSaturday I did something I said I'd never do: I joined Twitter.* I've made snarky comments about Twitter since its inception as I think it's rather stupid. But I joined it anyway ... despite having said I never would.

It's another in an ever-growing list of things I've said I'll never do, then I do them. Here are just a few examples:

  • I said I'd never blog. And I do ... often ... obviously.
  • I said I'd never join Facebook. And did. And have a profile for myself as well as a fan page for Grandma's Briefs.
  • I said -- along with Jim -- that we'd never move from the house that we lived in for nearly 20 years, in which we raised our three daughters, completed beau coup improvements and enjoyed pretty darn low mortgage payments. And we did move ... to a house double its size. (So much for downsizing as empty-nesters.)
  • I said I'd never be able to learn how to give myself shots -- with a needle, not a shot glass. And I did. And I do ... every darn day.
  • I said I'd never know how to read music. Then I took piano lessons and learned. So now I do -- even though I still have to recite "every good boy does fine" and "all cows eat grass." But that's okay.
  • I said -- again, along with Jim -- that I'd never visit Megan and Preston during the summer when the decided to make their home in the crazy hot desert. Then Bubby was born in June, so we visited a couple times that summer. Then again the following summer for his first birthday. And now we're looking at visiting again this summer for his second birthday.

I've obviously not done what I said. So I hereby swear that I will never say never again.


*You're welcome to follow me on Twitter: @GrandmasBriefs. I'll never guarantee the quality nor quantity of any tweets that may come your way courtesy of me. And THAT never I totally completely stand by.

Today's question:

How about you? What's something you said you'd never do ... then did?