Snips and snails

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI got a text message from Megan the other night. The subject was "SICKO". My first thought was Michael Moore. My second thought was some pervert in the park.

Wrong on both counts. I opened the message and it was a photo of Bubby -- with his finger jammed up his nose and a grin on his face. The text: "Bubby's new fav game."

I should have seen it coming. Despite his proclivity for trying on shoes of any sort -- including Mommy's or any other female's -- I should have known that Bubby was sure to be all boy!

In fact, his penchant for picking was previously documented; I guess I just chose to ignore it. But in the hundreds of shots I took of Bubby's recent visit was evidence of the nose-picker to come:

I'm pretty sure Bubby's doing it just for the exaggerated "Ewwwww!" and "Grosssssss!!" reactions he gets from Mommy (okay ... and from Grandma, too*) when he does it. I'm certain there's no need to worry that I'll have a perpetually nose-picking SICKO for a grandson who will grow up to be some SICKO pervert-in-the-park kind of grandson.

Any Michael Moore connection, on the other hand, has yet to be debunked.

*You can tell by the hand action in the photo above that I really was trying to stop him!

Today's question:

Okay, most Grandma's Briefs readers are females (sugar and spice, etc.) but what's your most male-like attribute or behavior?

My answer: This is something I probably shouldn't admit, but we're all friends here, so here goes: I've got the pretty good makings of a beard coming on in my advanced age ... and pluck regularly to avoid an all-out circus-freak appearance.