The Saturday Post

The frigid temperatures that have had a hold on the mountains for months finally broke this week, ushering in the glorious prospect of spring.

My mind has turned to gardening -- and prayers that the perennials I planted last season come back.

I started searching for a gardening video to share with you today, ideally one of home gardens with lush greenery, spectacular colors and refreshing water features. But I ran across this and could search no further.

If you've not seen the movie "Greenfingers," one of Clive Owen's first films, you gotta rent it. It's from 2000 and inspired by the true story of a group of prisoners who hoped to become award-winning gardeners. The quirky, delightful film just may persuade even the brownest of thumbs to give gardening a shot.

Today's question:

What's the most unusual thing you grow in your garden? Or, if you don't garden, what's the most unusual thing you'd like to grow?

My answer: We have hops -- ya know, for beer -- growing in the backyard. It creates a lovely green arch over one of the pathways as it wends its way up, over and down the rebar posts. Toward the end of summer, funky little hops bobbles hang from overhead.