The next Grilled Grandma

No, this is not an early April Fool's Day prank. This here is Charli. She's a stand-in for the grandchildren of this week's Grilled Grandma, Carol.

Charli is the star of Carol's blog, Charli and Me. It's a great blog, you'll want to check it out (and see Charli in her Easter bonnet and such). But what I think is especially great about Carol's blog is that it's just one of the ways this GREAT-grandma deftly uses technology to stay in touch with her loved ones. In addition to her blog, Carol uses e-mail, she texts, and she's on Facebook.

"I love Facebook because I can send messages that don’t appear on the home or profile page," she says. "When you’re a teenager it isn’t very cool to have your grandmother telling you she loves you all the time on the same page that your friends are viewing :>) "

I love that!

Read all about Carol and her love for her grandkids ... and great-grandkids ... right HERE.

If you know of a grandma ripe for grilling, you can send me her first name and e-mail address right HERE.

Today's question:

If you could have only ONE Internet goodie -- e-mail, Facebook, the web in general (but no FB), webcams -- what would you choose to keep?

My answer: I'd keep the web in general so I could keep Grandma's Briefs.