The next Grilled Grandma

Cheryl Ann is our next grandma up for a grilling, and I'm quite impressed by this woman's ability to juggle. It's not balls or bottles or chainsaws or whatever folks typically choose to juggle that Cheryl Ann juggles; it's her time with five horses, four cats, two dogs, eight blogs (yes, EIGHT blogs!) and one precious grandbaby.

In addition to all that juggling, Cheryl Ann also provides yet another super-original answer to my question of "What is one word you hope your grandkids think of when they think of you?" Her answer: "HORSES!" Her hope will be answered, I'm sure, once her grandson spends just a smidgen of time with the impressive rescue horses, geldings and more that Cheryl Ann takes care of. (I don't know horse lingo, so that's as good as you'll get from me. Sorry! Just take a look at the beauties on her blog and you may be speechless, too!)

Take some time to get to know Cheryl Ann by reading her grilling HERE. And do leave her a little comment love, if you have time.

Administrative note: If you've been a Grilled Grandma in the past and didn't get the snazzy new badge I created for Grilled Grandmas (you can see it on the Grilled Grandmas page), let me know and I'll send you the code to create a badge for your blog that links directly to your grilling.

Of course if you've NOT been grilled and want a badge for yourself, offer yourself up for a grilling and a badge is yours once the grilling is complete. Simply contact me to get the ball rolling.

Today's question:

If you could own any animal, what would you like to have? (Cost/space/feeding logistics aren't a consideration.)

My answer: I think it'd be kind of cool to own a giraffe. They're so odd yet seem so mellow and content. Plus, Bubby and all the grandkids to come could spend hours feeding her crackers and giggling about her long, long tongue. (Yes, it would have to be a girl ... just because.)