The next Grilled Grandma

This week we have our first Grilled Grandma from across the pond. Linds hails from middle England yet she exemplifies that grandmas are grandmas, no matter where they call home. (Although I do love her very unAmerican use of the word "Mum" instead of "Mom"!)

Linds offers up the most interesting grandma name I've heard yet. When asked what her grandchildren call her, she has this sweetness to impart:

"I will be Moregranny. My daughter-in-law’s Mum is Granny, you see, and I had a Moregranny when I was a child, and love the name. When I was 2, my paternal grandmother moved to the city where we lived, and my mother explained that I had another Granny, and as a toddler, I apparently looked at her and said “More Granny?” And the name stuck. Everyone called her Moregranny till the day she died, and she had a special place in my heart, so being Moregranny will be delightful."

So heartwarming and so special! I love that!

Find out more about Moregranny, er, Linds by reading her grilling right here.

Then consider the grandmas in your life, and send me the first names and e-mail addresses of one and all you think might be up for a grilling themselves -- even if that grandma is you!

Today's question:

What accent or language do you find most interesting? Can you speak a foreign language?

My answer: I love British accents. I can't speak any other language -- unless pig latin counts. (Although I can count to ten in Spanish, to five in German, and know a couple of colors in Spanish.)