Bubby mama

Related Posts with ThumbnailsThe majority of my posts here on Grandma's Briefs are devoted to Bubby. But today I want to take just a moment to talk about Megan, Bubby's mom, and share a little about the one responsible for creating my cool and kooky grandkid.


Megan always seemed destined to be a mom, but she continually surprises me with the ease at which she manages the job.

Megan's heart is wrapped around Bubby and even in the midst of fits, fights, temper tantrums and time outs -- all part and parcel of the terrible twos -- Bubby never doubts his mama loves him. And because she models unconditional love for him, he never fails to show her he feels the same, even when he's angry ... or crabby ... or tired ... or just plain ol' (nearly) two years old.

Megan allows Bubby space to grow, space to take chances, space to fall down, pick himself up, brush himself off and start all over again.

When he's unable to pick himself up, Megan's there in a flash, hugging and rocking and kissing his owies ... or making him kiss his own owies, which elicits bursts of laughter and the realization that he'll be just fine.

Megan plays, laughs and wonders with Bubby on his level. Yet she never fails to discipline him when it's warranted, praise him when it's genuine, demand kindness and caring, respect and sharing always.

Megan's a wonderful and wacky mother and I'm so very proud of her for embracing and enjoying her role of a lifetime.

Today's question:

What's one great thing you remember your mom doing for you?

My answer: She sewed cheerleading outfits for myself and the other girls on the junior high squad even though she was working full time and pretty much a single mom of seven at the time. I realize now how absolutely crazy my request for her to do the sewing must have made her, but she did it without complaint.