The Saturday Post

There's been a lot of talk about teachers lately, much of it unflattering, much of it directed at those teachers who are not doing their best.

If there were more teachers like Taylor Mali, the education system wouldn't be in such a sorry state, wouldn't get so much flack. Kids would be brighter, smarter, kinder.

I have faith my Megan is and will continue to be as powerful a teacher as Mr. Mali. Now she just needs to get up the nerve to attend a few poetry slams and do as Mr. Mali does here. It's pretty impressive.

Today's question:

What's one of the bigger lessons you learned from a teacher?

My answer: I learned from Mr. Martin in seventh grade that although it may sound great in your mind, it's what ends up on the page that matters most. It applies literally to my work and figuratively to everything else I do.