Fave photo of the week

Brianna brought my granddog Hunter over for a visit this past week so he could play with Mickey and Lyla for a bit. After an hour or so of running around in the yard, the trio decided to hang out with me while I worked on the computer.

This is what I saw each time I glanced over my shoulder:

Left to right: Mickey, Lyla and Hunter.

Today's question:

Dogs and cats live for their naps, and I recently read that one-third of American adults nap on a typical day. Do you take naps?

My answer: I don't nap, not even on weekends, although I probably should. In fact, since being laid off from my full-time job more than a year ago, I've taken exactly ONE nap -- and I was sick. It's not because I'm high energy and don't need to recharge; it's because I feel guilty for not being productive. (Yeah, I got issues ... or so I've been told.)