The Saturday Post - Valentine's Day edition

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, the holiday that makes me oh-so thankful that I'm not a teen. Or reluctantly single. Or delusional naive enough to think that hearts, flowers, chocolates and -- God forbid -- diamonds are true indicators of one's love for another.

BUT, lots of poor souls do believe that. Which means there will be a lot of crying going on this weekend.

This video goes out to all of those who are crying ... and trying to hide it. It also goes out to those who love a good chuckle, courtesy of those wacky dudes from New Zealand, my favorite funny guys: Bret and Jemaine.


I love Flight of the Conchords -- have even seen them in concert. Hilarious guys ... for those with a twisted sense of hilarity.

Today's question:

When was the last time you cried? (No need to give details ... unless you want to.)

My answer: Almost three weeks ago, when I got out of the car at the airport, heading home after being with Bubby. *sniff*