Triple G

Gabriele with Lou Ferrigno.Three reasons I adore this week's Grilled Grandma:

ONE: This long-distance grandma knows exactly how I feel. One example of her words that resonate to my very core:

"I try to be there for the big, important times, like birthdays and dances, holidays, etc. But to hear a knock at my door and have it be one of them, on just an ordinary day - would be a dream come true!"

TWO: She created what had to have been the most awesome raw food Thanksgiving feast ever!

THREE: The woman gets around. Folks wearing her exquisite hand painted designs run the gamut from Michelle Obama to Hilary Clinton to Nancy Grace to Paula Abdul, Kathy Smith and Lou Ferrigno to Harrison Ford, Joely Fisher and more.

Sound like an interesting woman? For sure!

And an incredible grandma? Without a doubt!

Meet Gabriele by reading Grilled Grandma: Gabriele (hence the Triple G post title). Then, get to know her better -- and view her beautiful artwork -- by clicking on the links to her blog and her website, noted at the end of her grilling. I have no doubt that you will adore her, too.

Holiday question of the day:

What has been the greatest blessing in your life since last Christmas?