Last of the Grilled Grandmas ... for 2010

Fifty-one amazing grandmothers have been featured as Grilled Grandmas this past year, and the final one of 2010, Monique, is just as amazing as all who came before her.

Monique is one of the most special of Grilled Grandmas, though: a grandma nominated for a grilling by her daughter.

The first part of November, I received the following e-mail from Monique's daughter, Casie:

"My mom is an awesome nana. I want u to write about her. U can see how much she loves my son :)"

I wasn't sure what to expect, considering the short request. Nominations to grill a loved one usually go on and on, as if the nominee has to earn the spot as a Grilled Grandma. But Casie's short and sweet nomination did the trick, and I e-mailed Monique ... who proved to be just as sweet and awesome as her daughter said.

I grill so many grandmas who have gaggles of grandkids and very few who have just one, as Monique does. And as I do (until late May 2011, at least). So I think it's splendidly fitting to close out the year with Grilled Grandma: Monique, whose poignant responses highlight the love of a grandma who's still relatively new to the position and remind us all of the wonder, delight and just sheer GRANDness of being a grandmother.

Thank you to Grilled Grandma: Monique. And thank you to all the grandmas I've grilled up in 2010. You've been splendid subjects! I look forward to those I've got lined up for 2011, and hope you do, too.

And don't forget: If you would like to honor a grandma in your life by nominating her for a grilling, follow Casie's lead -- one short and sweet e-mail is all it takes. Of course, if you want to list all the reasons your nominee deserves the grilling, I'm happy to accept those nominations, too. Either way, send your nominations to me HERE.

Today's question:

If you could magically delete -- or rewrite -- one month of 2010, which would you choose?