The Saturday Post: Karen Carpenter edition

Last Saturday I asked you which holiday song is likely to cause you to tear up, so it's only fair to share with you which song does the same for me. Let me preface it, though, with this:

We are a close-knit family with beloved traditions, and none more so than those we follow at Christmas. Which is why it's especially difficult for me to come to terms with Megan and Preston's decision to never travel at Christmas ... to never spend the holiday with either his family or hers. It's their tradition to do their own thing at Christmas, and I respect that. But it's during this time of year that I miss Megan most of all.

One recent Christmas Eve as Jim, Brianna, Andrea, and I arrived home after the candlelight service at church, I checked the phone messages before we settled in to, per tradition, open one gift each. The lone message was Megan singing this song a cappella, in its entirety, the Karen Carpenter version, which she -- a lifelong choir and chorale student -- had sung every year as soon as our collection of Christmas music was pulled out of storage. What a bittersweet blessing it was.

Since then, every time I hear Karen Carpenter singing this, I can't help but tear up, can't help but hear Megan singing into the answering machine from 819 miles away. How I wish I hadn't erased that message.

Holiday question of the day:

Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, or Christmas Day?