Non-blogging grandmas like comments, too!

Here in the blogosphere, it's sometimes easy to forget that not all grandparents have blogs, that there are more grandparents out in the real world than the relative few represented online. Many of the grandmas I feature as grilled grandmas have websites of one sort or another, and I do love showcasing them and their sites, doing my little bit to promote the grandparenting presence on the web.

Yet Grilled Grandmas isn't only about grandmas who blog and tweet and Digg and Stumble. It's about all grandmas, whether they have a blog or not, all the fine women who make a difference in the lives of those around them, especially the lives of their grandchildren.

This week's Grilled Grandma, Sandy, is one of the latter, making a huge and happy difference in the lives of two wee ones named Liam and Mary. In describing her experience with her grandkids, Sandy also makes a difference in our lives, with the bits of wisdom she shared in thoughtful responses such as this:

"Grandkids are for having fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff like stains on your carpet or marks on your table. Those things are temporary but love is forever."

Read Grilled Grandma: Sandy for more words of wisdom from this week's featured grandma. Don't hesitate to leave her a comment while you're there, too. Even though comment love pales in comparison to the love she gets from Mary and Liam, sweet words from the Grandma's Briefs gang will surely warm Sandy's heart -- something folks in most parts of the country can certainly appreciate during our recent cold snap.

Holiday question of the day:

During the rush of the holiday season, which regular chore, activity, or discipline do you tend to neglect the most?