Grilled Grandma/Hump Day Free-For-All

Grandmas share a deep, dark secret, one most of us don't like to admit to, one we hope others never learn. We're a little ashamed of it, but we can't help ourselves. This week's Grilled Grandma, Laura, has no qualms about admitting it, though.

What might that secret be? As Laura reveals in her grilling: "I'm not very good at sharing."

Now, Laura's not talking about sharing shoes or dessert or driving duty on long road trips. No, she's talking about sharing her grandchild ... with the "other grandma."

I'm willing to bet my briefs that's the case with most grandmas. It's certainly the case with me, and I applaud Laura for admitting out loud something I struggle with in secret. (Well, sort of in secret. I'm not that great at keeping such things secret, I've been told.)

I applaud Laura for lots of other reasons, too. She's a brave and interesting woman and you'll learn much about her in Grilled Grandma: Laura. But there's far more to her than what she lets on in her replies to my questions, so be sure to visit her blog -- which she's been writing for about SIX YEARS now -- to get the full story on Laura. It's a good one! You'll find the link to her blog at the bottom of her grilling.

As I've done the past few Wednesdays, today is yet another Hump Day Free-For-All when it comes to comments. What that means is you can let loose on anything that's on your mind. And today, the day after Election Day, you just might have lots on your mind, lots to let loose. Maybe? Let's hear it!

Today's question:

What's on your mind today -- good, bad, happy, sad, snarky, sweet or silly?