Sharin' the love

While Jim, Brianna, Andrea and I drove to the airport last Wednesday, Megan and Preston visited the doctor to find out the sex of their new baby.

While Jim, Brianna, Andrea and I sat at the gate waiting for departure, Megan and Preston sent us several goofy text messages announcing that Baby No. 2 will be a boy.

While Jim, Brianna, Andrea and I were visiting Megan and Preston -- and Bubby -- for Thanksgiving, we all wondered aloud now and then how Bubby will fare once he has a little brother with whom he must share everything. Well, mostly everything.

Of top concern was how Bubby will fare sharing the attention of those who love and adore him. For in the short three days we were there for the Thanksgiving holiday, Bubby was the star attraction, the one and only recipient of lots of loving.

He got love and attention from Gramma.

And (he of the great ear handles) PawDad.

(Great) Grandpa Wes.

And GiGi (Great Grandma).

Aunt B gave lots of loving.

As did Aunt Andie.

Even Mister Scott (of haircutting fame) dished out giggle-inducing attention.

Naturally, he's Daddy's little super star (and chief ear-holder).

And pre-Turkey Trot Mommy's good luck charm and more.

So with a baby brother on the way, my question is this: With all that love and attention dished out by Bubby's many admirers, would it be best for us all to taper off the adoration a tad now, in preparation for Bubby soon having to learn how to graciously share?

Or do we dish out even bigger portions now, making the most of these relatively few final months before Bubby becomes forever more a big brother, with a little brother getting his fair share (possibly even a rather unfair share at first) of all the love and attention we have to dish out?

Today's question:

What do you think: Slightly taper off the attention now so Bubby doesn't have to go cold turkey OR smother the boy and spoil the heck out of him during his last days as the one and only?