And your guide for today will be ...

When I worked at the newspaper, my department was responsible for the annual holiday guide filled with information on making the holidays bigger, brighter, better.

Beginning in August of each year, my staff and I would meet to brainstorm story ideas, then we'd hit the ground running. Stories, photos, ads, design ... all would eventually come together in a glossy guide o' holiday goodness, inserted into the newspaper the day after Thankgsiving along with jillions of Black Friday ads.

I miss those days. Those days when my staff and I would attempt to coax out great quotes and quality content from folks who had nothing but visions of back-to-school time dancing in their heads -- for it was cussing AUGUST, not holiday time. Those days when I was forced to work hand-in-hand with the one and only woman in my whole entire career who gave me the skeevies and shakes and totally ruined each and every day I was required to communicate with her -- which was pretty much every day I went into the office. And yes, those days when the struggle to balance editorial and advertising in a reasonable ratio overshadowed every single thing my staff and I did and brought us frustration to no end as advertising keeps newspapers afloat, so advertising always wins out.

Ah, yes, the good old days.

Truth be told, I don't miss those days. At all. Nor do I miss the politics surrounding those days. At all.

What I do miss, though, among other things related to my job as an editor (like a decent paycheck, for one), is creating a holiday guide.

Well, guess what? Because I have this little space here to publish anything I please, I've decided I'll miss holiday guides no more. I've decided to make use of all those press releases I get in my e-mail in-box, all those gifts delivered to my front door nearly every day by men in uniform (FedEx, UPS and USPS uniforms, of course).

Yes, I've decided to create my very own holiday guide. In my very own way. For my very own readers.

And today, ladies and gentlemen, is the very special day in which I give to you ...

... my first-ever, hope-to-be-annual ...

If you look just above my Grandma's Briefs blog header, the one with the panties at the top of this page, you'll see a tab. A tab marked HOLIDAY GUIDE. That, my friends, is where you will click to find your way to the guide of which I speak, the guide which bears the banner above. (Of course, clicking on the banner above will take you there, too, just because I like to make things easy for you.)

So go there. Please. Peruse it. Take in the best of the holiday goodies that have come to me, that I now share with you.

Try out the recipes I share in the Holiday Guide, too. They're straight from my Recipe Box, but I've chosen to highlight in the guide the ones I traditionally use this time of year. I hope you enjoy them.

And for heaven's sake, be sure to enter the giveaways. I've got stuff to give, so please let me know you'd like to take it!

I hope you enjoy my very first attempt at my very own Holiday Guide. I'd love to hear what you think, so please share your thoughts and suggestions. And stay tuned for more: Anything else worth sharing that those uniformed men deliver to my door between now and Christmas will be added to the Holiday Guide. My fingers are crossed that whatever they might bring for me will surely mean more holiday giveaways for you!

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Happy Monday to one and all!

Today's question:

How far along are you in your holiday shopping?