The Saturday Post - Seasons of Wither edition

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI read Entertainment Weekly magazine. Sure, it's not deep or life-changing material, but because I love music, movies and books, it's one of the few magazines I subscribe to that gets read from cover to cover within days of receiving it in the mail.

One of the most recent issues had a brief article on Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler joining Randy Jackson as the next season's American Idol judges. I don't watch American Idol and I'm not a fan of Steven Tyler's recent (say, in the last 20 years) music, so his selling out in such a huge manner shouldn't bother me much.

But it does. And I can't put my finger on exactly why. Like I said, I'm not a fan. I used to be, though. And with his most recent addition to his reportoire, I think the song I most loved of his (as part of Aerosmith, of course) is pretty symbolic of what's become of him.

In searching for a video of that song, Seasons of Wither, I could only find a version he and the band did for MTV's Unplugged in 1990 -- 16 years after the song came out. I loved the original, but this one's pretty good, too, and still scrunches my heart up a bit upon hearing it.

Seems to me that Steven Tyler is now in his own season of wither. Despite no longer being a fan, I find that a little sad.

Today's question:

Seasons of Wither came out in 1974. What were you doing in 1974?