Grandparenting, Chris Farley style

As a long-distance grandparent, I try to fill the time I spend with Bubby with memorable moments. I fondly recall each and every little thing we did together during visits, and I want him to do the same. Recalling the moments together keeps the fun times we share front of mind for the little guy, and it reinforces the bond we share.

For those reasons, when I talk with Bubby I always try to bring up some of the activities and events of our last in-person visit. More and more, though, I feel like Chris Farley when doing so ... because those moments of trying to jog my grandson's memory bear a striking resemblance to this popular Chris Farley skit from the old, formerly funny Saturday Night Live (excuse the intro commercial):

When we Skype, I find myself saying things like, "Remember, Bubby, remember when we had the dance party and you didn't want to hold onto your stuffed piggies anymore so I showed you how to hold them in the waistband of your pants? Do you remember that? That was awesome!"

Or when I talk to him on the phone, I'll say, "Remember that one time when you sat in the sand near the waterfall and you used the sifter to search for treasure PawDad put in the sand? And you found pennies and quarters and nickels? Do you remember that? Did you like that? That was awesome!"

Sometimes when we're Skyping, I'll hold Abby (the cat) in front of the webcam and squeeze her just a tad to get her to "meow" for Bubby and I'll say, " Remember when you were here and you got to play with Abby? And you played with Mickey ... and Lyla ... and Isabel would run? Oh, and you played with Luke at Andrea's? Do you remember? Huh? Yeah, that was awesome!"

Yeah, I feel like Chris Farley. But it's awesome ... because each time I ask Bubby if he remembers, he does! And he seems to think whatever it is I'm reminding him of was pretty darn awesome, too!

Either that or he thinks Gramma's a nut job and a wee bit embarrassing to have a conversation with.

But that's really all I wanted to share: my Chris Farley grandparenting technique.

Try it with those you adore -- grandkids or otherwise.

You might find it's awesome.

That's all.

Thank you.

(Grrr ... ! I hate trying to end these things!)

Was that okay?

I hope so.

Today's question:

Who is your all-time favorite Saturday Night Live actor?