Grandma over easy

It's Wednesday, which means I'm serving up another Grilled Grandma.

This week it's Nezzy and I'd like to share with you her response when I asked her in September if I could grill her:

First and foremost is that if ya'll  are gonna grill this Ozark farm chick please be gentle ~~ I'm old.  Turn me over easy baby, 'cause  I'm kind of fragile today...fell off the deck yesterday.  Would ya grill me on low so I'm a nice even golden brown and not all burnt and cracked around the edges.  Heaven knows this rockin Grandma doesn't need any more wrinkles.

What more could I possibly add? THAT right there is Nezzy. Gotta love her!

And right here is her grilling: Grilled Grandma Nezzy. I betcha you're gonna love that, too!

Today's question:

Speaking of grilling, what's your favorite way to top grilled burgers? (Not that I'm, um, looking for ideas for dinner or anything!)