Dishin' and a grillin'

Wednesdays are made for grilling up grandmas and dishing up whatever's on your minds. In other words, today I give you the next Grilled Grandma and the Hump Day Free-for-All.

This week's Grilled Grandma is Camella. Besides having all kinds of wonderful things to say about grandmahood, Camella shares the most precious of photos of two little girls with some of the best little girl names I've heard of in a long time: Althea Clare and Dorie Jean. Sounds like perfect names for a picture book duo. Coming from a grandma with the lovely name of Camella, I'm not surprised by the unique names bestowed upon her sweet granddaughters.

Read about Camella, Althea Clare and Dorie Jean in Grilled Grandma: Camella. Don't be shy in leaving this special lady comments while you're there.

Next up is the Hump Day Free-for-All, where you can spout anything and everything that's on your mind today. Have at it, ladies! Cut loose and comment!

Happy Wednesday!

Today's question:

What's on your mind today? Confessions? Complaints? Compliments? Do dish -- we'd love to hear it!