Fly-fishing Fanny & Hump Day Free-For-All

This week's Grilled Grandma is a grandma destined to have a picture book written about her. It would be called "Fanny, the Fly-Fishing Granny," for that's exactly what she is.

I met Fanny through a press release I received about her latest offering: an instructional fly-fishing DVD for kids. The pictures in the press release and on her site showed a grandma loving life, a grandma begging to be grilled. So I approached Fanny with questions, and she graciously responded. Head on over to Grilled Grandma: Fanny to read all about it. She doesn't mention fly-fishing in her grilling, so be sure to visit her website afterwards to read Fanny's fish tales.

Last week I instituted the Hump Day Free-For-All and it went over quite well. So here it is again, your chance to let loose with whatever's on your mind. Happy, sad, pissed off or glad, today's your day to spill the beans!

Today's Hump Day Free-For-All question:

What's on your heart, mind or chest today?