The Saturday Post

I think it's only fair to disclose that although Bubby is my favorite granchild, he's not my only one. To be honest, I have several.

And since I write so much about Bubby, I suppose it's only right to dedicate at least one post to introducing you to all the others.

Here goes:

This is Brianna's dog Hunter, my live-in granddoggy:

And this is Kamelia, Andrea's kitty (who's now about a year older than she was in this photo):

Last but not least, there's Roxy, aka Bubby's best buddy:

But since I've now introduced you to all my grandkiddos, I certainly can't leave out all my children -- those in addition to my grown gals, Brianna, Megan and Andrea.

Of course, you've already met Mickey:

But you've not yet met my all-time favorite (feline) gals:

Abigail (Abby):

And Isabel:

Yep, my house -- and heart -- are full. (Of course, additional HUMAN grandchildren are always more than welcome!)