Who's your grandma?

Grandma A, Grandma B (her designation, not mine!) and Great GrandmaMegan told me yesterday that Bubby hurt her feelings for the first time. After work she went home, where Preston's grandma was covering her once-a-week shift on babysitting duty. When Megan opened the door, Bubby saw her, made his "ugly face" and adamantly shook his head "no!"

"He wanted nothing to do with me and started reaching for Grandma," Megan sadly related.

And when "Grandma" got ready to leave, Bubby clung to her and cried at the prospect of her walking out the door.

I feel for Megan. It stinks when your baby seemingly rejects you in favor of someone else. I understand how it feels when your kiddo dents your heart. (Believe me ... this story was coming out of the mouth of the daughter who broke my heart into a million little pieces each and every day of her teen years. Thank heaven my heart mended itself each night and could start each day anew.)

So, Megan, I'm sorry Bubby hurt your feelings. But I'm having a hard time getting past the multiple nonchalant mentions of "Grandma" throughout the story.

Megan and I have talked before about how much I hate that Preston's grandma gets to be THE "Grandma" to Bubby. When Megan says the word grandma to Bubby, guess whose face he sees? I want it to be MY face, but that's not what he's learned.

Yes, I could be called something else. Megan's suggestion is Grammy. Well, I don't want to be Grammy. That's for old people ... and is more fitting for the great grandma than grandma. I want to be Grandma. I want to be THE Grandma.

I don't resent Preston's grandma for the place she's taken in Bubby's life. Honest. She's a wonderful woman and the best grandma Bubby could have taking care of him and loving him on a regular basis -- except for me. I really would be the very best grandma ever ... if only I didn't live 819 miles away from him.

So I'll continue being referred to as Grandma, despite knowing I'm not the grandma Bubby immediately thinks of when he hears the word.

But I'm definitely counting on Bubby coming up with some other -- special and unique! -- name for me once he starts talking a little more.