Baby (Grand)Mama

I've always thought I would do absolutely anything for my daughters. But a video I ran across this weekend has me questioning the lengths to which my altruism would go.

The following video is an update on an Ohio woman who, at 56 years old, served as the surrogate mother for her daughter, carrying and giving birth to her daughter's triplets -- her grandchildren. Her daughter, a mother of two teens, had medical issues that prevented her from carry another child. And she and her second husband wanted a baby together oh-so-badly.

So Mom/Grandma stepped in. "It's just another thing I'm doing for my daughter," she said.

I really don't think I'm that big of a person. I truly love my daughters and would want to help in any way possible if they were unable to have children. I think. But maybe not. I honestly don't know -- and hope the girls never ask, if all truth be told.

Luckily, getting pregnant has proved to be a pretty easy feat for the females in my family and Jim's, and it seems the ability has been passed down to our girls ... so far. Of course, Bubby is the only grandchild. And Megan and Preston have not yet given it a shot at a second kiddo. Brianna and Andie are not at a point in their lives where kids are even a consideration.

But what if they do have problems having babies? Would I really go so far in helping out my girls that I'd carry their children for them?? My pregnancies and deliveries were all pretty easy ... and natural. And I'm still relatively young -- quite a bit younger than that Ohio woman. But I honestly don't know if if I'd be willing to go through it all again as a gift to one of my daughters, to ensure that I'll have more grandchildren.

Apparently there was no question nor hesitation about it for the Ohio mother/grandmother. She even says she'd do it again if any of her other kids asked her to.

This isn't new news and many of you may already know the story. But I thought the following interview with Meredith Viera was interesting, and the fact that the triplets are coming up on their first birthday Oct. 11 gives Grandma and Mom a little more perspective on what they did. If you didn't catch it on last week's Today Show, check it out. Then let me know if you think YOU would do such a thing for your daughter -- or if you younger readers would ask your mother to carry your kids for you if you couldn't.

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