Royal briefs

I've had a few people ask me if the briefs in the photo header above are mine. No, they're not; that's a picture I purchased. But if I had chosen to photograph and display my real undies to the world, that would have been my choice, not the doings of some disrespectful public.

Not the case with Queen Victoria. Seems the discovery of a royal set of briefs -- bloomers and matching chemise -- has created quite a hubbub across the globe.

The undergarments, apparently handed down to a servant after the queen's death, will be on display at Kensington Palace in the near future as they're now considered to be of "national importance."

Importance? Yeah, right. I think it's more the shock and awe of seeing the 52-inch waist on the bloomers that will attract gawkers.

Poor Victoria. I'm sure that's something Britain's longest-reigning monarch would surely rather have kept secret.