The Saturday Post

Megan e-mailed yesterday afternoon to let me know how terribly wrong I was in saying in yesterday's post that Bubby knows five words. No, no, no, she said. He knows way more than that.

Per Megan:

Bubby's official word list 8/21

1. Buh-bye

2. All Done (he thinks it's one word)

3. Mama

4. Dada

5. Uh-oh

6. Baba

7. Num-Num

8. Diaper

9. More

10. Bird

11. Ow (he says this one really whiny sounding and usually when he's rolling around on the floor throwing a fit)

12. Mmmmm (okay, I know that's a stretch but every time he eats something he REALLY likes that's what he says)

I stand corrected. And I expect this word list to be twice as long by the time I visit Bubby in October! (I did tell you he's a genius, didn't I?)