Live, from the desert ...


Not taken from our Skype conversation, but this is pretty darn close to how Bubby appeared on camera (sans the funky hairline).

Megan got the web camera hooked up on their new computer Friday afternoon and, after a few false starts, we got the Skype to work. I got to see and hear my Bubby in real time!

Bubby waved, he tried to share with me a Cheerio or two from his snack container, he handed me a hanger (a hanger??) and he got to see the "meow-meows" as my cats, Abby and Isabel, roamed in front of the webcam on my end. Bubby even got to see Grandpa as Jim arrived home from work while we were chatting.

We'll have to work on the camera locations and angles a bit, as I'm sure I don't appear to be looking directly at Bubby as often as I should since the camera is on top of my monitor. If I'm looking at the camera, I'm not looking at my Bubby ... and I should probably be looking directly at him, so to speak, so he doesn't get the image of a grandma who's dazed and confused (or shifty and refusing to look him in the eye).

A time or two Bubby did look directly at the camera on his end, which appeared to me as if he were looking directly at me. The rush of love and the grin on my face was, I'm sure, exactly the same reaction he has when his beloved Elmo looks out of the television screen directly at him.

Isn't technology grand? 

Thanks for hooking me up, Meggie! The cell phone situation no longer matters so much.