My beautiful grandma

I recently sent my aunt in North Carolina the link to the post I wrote about my grandma. I haven't seen my aunt or my grandma since the early '90s and I thought my aunt -- who lives near the nursing home where my grandma has resided for the last 11 years -- might appreciate the post.

She did. And I appreciate all the wonderful, detailed news she sent in return.

My sweet aunt updated me on cousins who are now adults and have children of their own -- cousins I haven't seen since their pre-teen years. She filled me in on precious moments she and my uncle create and share with all those grandchildren they now have. They truly are the epitome of grandma and grandpa (Mema and Papa), the kind of grandparents Jim and I aspire to be.

And most touching of all: My aunt sent me a recent picture of my grandma. As I mentioned, I've not seen Grandma in years, and the image I carry in my heart is the decades-old version of Grandma Wiggins. The photo my aunt sent via text message shocked me a bit at first as it's a wigless shot and I've never seen Grandma without her wig.

But once I forwarded the photo to my computer and looked at the full-size picture, there was no denying this is my beloved grandma. Despite failing hearing, sight, and body -- not mind though, my aunt assured me; "She's still sharp as a tack!" -- there's a healthy, humor-loving glow coming from this soon-to-be-98-years-old spitfire.

Isn't she beautiful?