Two men and a toddler (haircut)

Bubby's hair grows like mad, so in an effort to save on the Kiddie Cutters bills, Megan and Preston bought a pair of hair clippers with plans to cut Bubby's locks themselves.

The first hair-trimming session was quite traumatic -- for Megan. Preston started trimming away while Megan cried ... and cried. Her baby was becoming a little boy with every snip. And with Preston never having cut hair before, the snips weren't as perfect as Megan hoped. So Preston would snip again, trying to improve the one that had his wife so upset. Bubby's hair kept getting shorter and shorter as Megan sniffled and Preston snipped.

Bubby, on the other hand, was oblivious to the trauma his parents were going through. He was entranced by his favorite Elmo movie on TV. (Mom and Dad were pretty smart to use that distraction tactic!)

It's been a month since that first cut, and this past weekend, Bubby was in need of another. Even he thought so:

'LOOK AT THIS MESS!" Bubby wails about his hair. (Not really, but he sure looks like that's the problem.) Time to pull out the clippers for another round. This time, Preston enlisted his buddy Scott to help out with the trimming duties. It's a guy thing, so Megan just stood back with the camera (cracking up instead of crying).


The guys prep the customer:

 Scott tests the waters:


Scott snips while Preston holds Bubby still (keeping him from getting the Van Gogh special!):


The final touches:


And TA-DAH! The new and improved Bubby, ready for some swinging!

Who needs Kiddie Cutters when you have Preston and Scott manning the clippers?