Great resource for grandparents

I've found very few websites of worth for grandparents, at least grandparents that look, sound and act like the grandparents Jim and I are. But today I ran across a pretty good one I think everyone will like. It's called GRAND and the tagline is "The online magazine for grandparents and the grandkids who love them." Grandmas: You won't want to miss their "Sexiest Granddad Award winners" feature!

AND, look who made the cover this month! (Okay, not really, but there's a really cool feature that allows you to upload a photo and create a cover to e-mail, print, share.)

Check it out!

(Note: This may be a tad biased, but after creating the cover of Bubby, I looked at all the other custom covers by grandparents and I gotta say, Bubby definitely is the cutest grandson ever!!)

*Props to Megan's friend Allison for the fantastic photo of Bubby!