Grandma banned from taking photos

Sheila Campbell, a grandma in Edinburgh, was a recent victim of political correctness gone awry when a pool attendant at the public swimming pool near her home forced her to stop taking photos of her grandchildren romping and diving in the water. Campbell's daughter, mother to the four granddaughters in question, was at the pool with them, and there were no other kids around.

But when Campbell raised her camera to snap shots of her granddaughter practicing her diving skills, a pool attendant rushed to the rescue, making her put down the camera. Mrs. Campbell complied, fearing the overzealous attendant would take it from her. There were no other kids around. The granddaughters (ages 5 to 10) weren't scantily clad, which may have prompted the attendant to be concerned about child porn or such. No, the attendant was just on a power trip, apparently, following the lead of several other overzealous local organizations that prohibit photography and filming of children at public events and in public places. Authorities have even banned the filming of children at sporting events at local schools.

This is crazy. Yeah, I'd be a little concerned if some smarmy man (or woman) were trolling the parks and pools, camera in hand, snapping the little ones here and there. But common sense has gone out the window in Edinburgh, it seems. Grandma should be able to document moments with her grandkids without government intervention -- and not just behind closed doors.

I've not been out in public much with Bubby (yet!) but some of my favorite photos of him were taken in -- gasp! -- public. If authorities had warned me to step away from the camera, I would not have this:

Or this: Or any of these:

Thank God we live in America!!