The next Grilled Grandma

Makaila and her GrammyHere we are with another birthday edition of Grilled Grandmas, this time for my good friend Debbie, whose birthday is Friday. Happy birthday, Debbie! I won't tell you Debbie's age, but I will say that she's one of the luckiest grandmas I know, as she gets to RETIRE in January! Woo-hoo, Debbie!

Debbie has a couple things in common with a few of our past grilled grandmas: Her granddaughter is named Makaila (like Grandma Kathy's granddaughter, just a different spelling), and she's very cool, like Rock Band-playing Grandma Nina. But what I think makes Debbie cool -- among many other things -- is her answer to my question, "What do you most want to pass along to your grandchildren?" Her answer: "Their Hawaiian culture and heritage that they get from me."

Debbie does indeeed make sure her grandchildren -- and children -- not only know about but live their culture on a daily basis. Makaila's hula-dancing abilities (of which I've heard are awesome) are just one example of Debbie's commitment to that.

Read Debbie's grilling here. And feel free to wish her Happy Birthday while you're there!

And, as always, if you know of any grandmas you'd like to see grilled, be sure to contact me with their first name and e-mail address and I'll add them to the schedule.

Also, as promised, here's the next installment of ...

Today's question from "The Christmas Conversation Piece":

If Frosty the Snowman really did come to life for a day, what one national attraction or tourist site would you encourage him to see before he melted away?

Well, as far as my answer goes, those of you who know me pretty well know that my husband has an odd obsession with Mount Rushmore, a.k.a. "the heads." And since we have our very own version of Mount Rushmore in our backyard (yep, Jim's a nut!), it'd be kinda cool to see Frosty the Snowman checking out Mount Rushmore -- but not the one in South Dakota ... the one just off my deck!

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