The next Grilled Grandma

Nina with her precious 6-month-old granddaughter, dressed to the nines in an outfit made just for her by Grandma.Next up for a grilling is Grandma Nina, the second grandma named Nina that I've met since blogging, and the second Grandma Nina to be featured here.

This week's Nina is the epitome of grandma ... except she's got to be THE most chic grandma I've ever met. She's also one of the most hip grandmas, as her grandkids call her and her husband by their first names -- a perfect solution to the "What should they call me?" question, of which I'm still grappling.

Get to know Nina by reading her grilling HERE.

And be sure to send me the names and e-mail address of any grandmas you think would be open to grilling, and I'll add them to the list.

Today's question from "The Christmas Conversation Piece":

What particular holiday food do you enjoy the most?

My answer: The cake I make for Christmas morning breakfast. It's not so much the cake that I love -- although it's pretty darn good (layers of pound cake with berries and cream cheese filling) -- but the 25+-year tradition that goes along with it. We sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus, something we started when the girls were itsy-bitsy and we wanted them to keep in mind the reason for the season. Even though we're all adults now, we still sing it every Christmas morning before digging into the cake.