Yay for Aviation History

November is Aviation History Month. Hooray!


Well, Aviation History Month may not be a big deal for most folks, but to me it's a reason to celebrate ... or at least a reason to send Bubby something in recognition of yet another oddball monthly designation.

I sent him maracas for Happiness Happens Month, a rockin' squawkin' chicken for National Chicken Month and a really stupid and poor choice charming book for Squirrel Awareness Month. (The squirrel book was such a disappointment to me -- and probably to Bubby -- that I refuse to document the experience with a photo.)

So with November being Aviation History Month, Bubby gets, naturally, an airplane! Yep, I've purchased an airplane for my precious little grandbaby. It's how Grandma and Grandpa travel to visit him, so why not invest in one just for him. Jim and I have the big bucks to fork out for a plane for our favorite grandson.

At least when it's a Fisher Price plane.

I think the Aviation History Month goodie has gone over the best of all the monthly gifts so far. What do you think?


Clearly a "Smile for Grandma!" moment!

(Megan: love-love for sharing the pictures!)