Introducing Grandma's Recipe Box

How many times have you heard folks rave about a meal or dish or baked good, using the ultimate stamp of approval: "It's just like Grandma used to make"? Today I kick off a new Grandma's Briefs feature called Recipe Box, where you'll find recipes for some of the goodies this Grandma has gotten raves for making over the the past 25+ years ... and continues to make ... and hopes that you will now make.

You'll find my Recipe Box at the top of this page on a tab called, fittingly, "Recipe Box." See ... right up there ... in red letters, right between Friday Haiku Contest and Brag Book? Yep ... right there!

When you click on those little red words, you'll be taken directly to my -- believe it or not -- Recipe Box page.

For the kickoff of my nifty new feature, my Recipe Box includes recipes for five family favorites:



The Chocolate Chip Cookies you've already read about.







A Heath Bar Coffee Cake I've earned countless raves for in the past quarter century.





A delicious lemon bar recipe I recently tried out ... and have had numerous requests for already.





An incredibly addicting, chocolatey, crumbly, yummy bar called Split Levels.






And the heavenly Yeast Dinner Rolls that have rounded out the majority of our family Sunday dinners for countless years.



I'll be adding more recipes as I make more goodies (I need to make them in order to photograph them for you) so check the Recipe Box often to see what's new and nummy. And be sure to let me know what you and yours think about any of the recipes once you've tried them out on your family.

Bon appetit!