The Saturday Post

If you're like me, October doesn't really mean Halloween, it means "time to get going on buying Christmas gifts!" I usually have a few things bought by now ... and don't this year.

But I recently read about this cool gift idea that reduces the amount of "stuff" you buy and give as gifts, while still providing your loved ones with what they've always wanted.

It's called DreamBank and its tagline is "Give Dreams, Not Stuff." Because I'm not one of those bloggers who pushes reviews and such on readers, I'll give it to you straight by posting below the PR and How It Works info right from DreamBank. I will say, though, that it sounds like a great idea, and if any of my loved ones have a dream they want me to help fulfill (note I said help, not completely cover!), I'd be happy to contribute to your posted dream.

Here's the info:

The DreamBank Elevator Pitch is the ultimate gift registry where you can give and receive the perfect gift and do good at the same time. With DreamBank, instead of giving or receiving gifts that, although appreciated may not really be wanted, you post a dream gift on the site and friends and family contribute to your dream. It's really an all way win as you get what you really want, friends and family can avoid wasted hours shopping, you help spare the planet some of the nasty side effects of manufacturing and packaging unused gifts and your gift automatically generates funds that are given to important social causes. It's the new model for gift giving.


How It Works

With DreamBank, it's easy to give and receive the perfect give and do good at the same time. Here's how it works:

Become a Dreamer: In just minutes, join DreamBank and create your personal dream gift or post a gift for someone you care about. All you need is an email address and to be 18. However, you will need a PayPal account to cash in your dream gift. If you have one already, great! If you don't, it's a relatively simple process and you can set one up anytime before you are ready to cash in.  

Contribute to a Dream Gift: Use a major credit card or your PayPal account to contribute to your sister's grad trip to Costa Rica, your best friend's fantasy wedding, a colleague's school building project in Kenya or your own dream.

Make a Difference: Contribute to a dream gift instead of buying a gift  that may not be really needed or wanted and you help the planet by reducing the waste caused by excess packaging and manufacturing. As well, with DreamBank, unlike many other companies that give a percentage of profits to charities, DreamBank has a unique business model that gives 10% of all net transaction revenue to our selected charities. This means that the charities receive revenue, regardless of our profitability. This "All Way Win" model is the foundation of DreamBank.

Connect With Other Dreamers: Search the site to connect and exchange ideas with fellow Dreamers. Working together can be fun and can keep you motivated to fulfill your dream gift a little sooner.