The Saturday Post

This will be only our second Halloween in this house -- a house ideal for creating a creepy stop for little trick or treaters. We were at Bubby's house last year so I didn't put up the Halloween decorations; it just seemed wrong to lure little kids to our door if no one would be here to hand out treats.

There will be someone here to hand out treats this year ... and I've not yet decorated at all, not even a pumpkin. Today is the drop-dead date for getting up the spooky stuff and I'm trying to get myself in the mood to do it. It's a little hard to muster the enthusiasm when I know absolutely no little ghosts/goblins/zombies or such and our neighborhood is relatively free of little kids, meaning it'll likely be only BIG kids ringing my doorbell.

But I absolutely will do some sort of decorating today, I've promised myself.

So to get myself in the mood -- and you, too -- I found this goofy clip of classic monster movies set to "Monster Mash." Gotta love Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle putting on the ritz AND the woman whose head bursts into flames! If this doesn't do it, I don't think anything will.

Here's to Halloween!