15 things I won't do in 2015

Forget resolutions and all the things I will do — or should do — in the new year. Here are 15 things I won't do. I won't, I won't, I won't!

 new year resolutions

I won't go all gray. Yeah, going au naturel looks great on many grandmothers and others, and it's become the hip thing to do. I'm pretty much 90 percent gray — and 100 percent covered by color. Gray does not look great on me. And I've never been hip, so why start now?

I won't stop missing my daughter and grandsons. I may have gotten used to being a long-distance mother and grandmother, but that in no way means I no longer miss the portion of my heart that resides in the desert.

I won't keep putting off backing up my photos. I have gigabytes upon gigabytes I'm in danger of losing. Gigabytes of grandsons and other grand things I will miss if they disappear.

I won't compare myself, my relationships, my accomplishments, or my goals to anyone else. Only to myself, in consideration of where I'm slipping, where I can improve.

I won't let the dust gathering on my piano keys get any thicker. I must play more often. Or dust more often. (I'm voting for the former.)

I won't stop loving my siblings no matter how hard they try to make me do exactly that.

I won't give beets another chance. I'm coming around on sweet potatoes, but beets? Never!

I won't stop believing there is more good in the world than bad, that love will find a way, and that prayer does indeed make a difference.

I won't read as many books as I'd like to. I just know this in my heart and soul, unfortunately.

I won't say YES when what I really mean is WTF? You want me to do what? For free? (Unless, of course, it's for my grandsons. Or my immediate family.)

I won't stop telling myself this is the year I will get a book contract.

I won't stop entering PCH despite swearing I will each and every time it's someone else's address the Prize Patrol van visits instead of mine.

I won't wait until Mother's Day to plan my annual seeds. I will rebel. I will plant early in hopes my snapdragons, zinnias, and dahlias will bloom before September.

I won't ignore my gut feeling. On anything. (Except when it growls. "More Doritos...NOW!" is not the message I should be following.)

I won't go a single day without giving thanks for the great good in my life — even when the good isn't all that great at showing itself.

I will, though, wish each and every one of you a happy and blessed new year — regardless of what you will or will not do in 2015!

Today's question:

What will you not do in 2015?